Day Place Hired by Time
January 20 Zubi Alde (Portugalete) Carnivals 20h
January 21 Portugalete Carnival parade 18h
March 14 Portugalete Custacion of AEK 12h
April 4 Orduña Day of the Basque language 18h
May 1 Burgi (Roncal) "Day of the Almadias" 20h
May 16 and 17 Fos Sur Mer (Francia) Of " the crau " party 18h / 16h
June 27 and 28 Gelida(Barcelona) Children´s Festival (Elai-Alai Txiki) /
June 30 Elantxobe Day of St. Peter´s 20h
July 10 Portugalete Festival " Virgin of the Guide " 20h
July 19 to 25 Portugalete 35 International Folk Festival /
August 6 Castejón (Nafarroa)  On cultural Fridays 23h
 August 8 Gazteiz  "La Blanca" Virgins´s Party 20h