History The academy of dance and traditional music born in June 2004. The Academy is becoming a reality thanks to the work previously carried out by people in the group Elai-Alai in a completely altruistic. For some time we realised that the traditional dance has many loopholes. It has always been understood as a purely amateur. This means that people who work for our traditions not last in their business or have to rely on people with little knowledge. From the centre of traditional culture, we believe that such initiatives make the quality of education improved. We must not forget that while the traditional dance and music is of the people and for the people, things have to make the most dignified as possible. Vocational education geared their mission for the rehabilitation of our root, forming dancers, craftsmen, etc. in a more continuous manner provided that the amateur. Every day our society we are more open culture in a purely profit without thinking of the things they do to be one, things that identify us as we are and we will be in the future.